FO: Pink Project Bag Box Pouch

FO: Pink Project Bag Box Pouch

A big thank you to those who took time to reply to my post about the random bag of sewing machine feet and accessories that I bought from an eBay seller as clueless as myself. I have fantastic news in that all of the feet both fit and function. Unlike the feet, the darning plate sadly didn’t fit my machine, but it did remind me of this odd bit of plastic I kept spotting in my little box of spools of thread, and low and behold there was the darning plate that came with my machine. I knew better than to throw that random bit of plastic away, and now my suspicions that one day it might be really useful have paid off.

I had a search on the internet for the form and function of the feet that people suggested, and most appeared to be spot on, apart perhaps for the blind hem foot. When I googled this the pictures and descriptions that I found seemed t be somewhat different to those of the presser foot I have. There doesn’t appear to be the form to the foot I have to maintain the turning of the fabric into a little rolled hem, rather just an edge (adjustable) to stop the fabric from moving beyond a certain point. I have been using this a bit like a seam guide, to keep a nice steady seam distance, but if that is it’s intended usage I can only guess. I shall keep searching the internet until I find out one day.

But mostly I had fun playing with my zipper foot, which, along with the buttonhole foot, was the one that I was missing most. I was at work for part of Saturday, but when I left the office I made a call into a local haberdashers to pick up a couple of zips to experiment with, in the aim of making two small project bags. I decided that my first box pouch would be a test run, where I  things to be imperfect. I had made box pouches before, but years ago, so it took me a few attempts and a number of un-picked and re-sewn seams to get something resembling a usable project bag together.

At first I ended up with the teeth of one side of the zip facing inwards between the lining and the exterior fabric. Then I managed to sew the lining inside out, but after a bit of trial and error I managed to get a finished, working box bag made. I noted down what I was doing as I went along so when I came to make the second box pouch I didn’t repeat my mistakes, but all in all the finished project is functional, quite neat and, dare I say, quite attractive.

It’s a very simple pouch, no bells and whistles, but perfect for slightly larger projects that won’t fit in the sock-monkey fabric project bag that @stephcuddles made for me a long time ago, which is the one that I use for all of my sock projects, whether at home or on the go.

The zipper foot gave a perfectly neat edge around the zip, allowing me to get in close with my stitching as I pieced the bag together. I am very happy with my new purchase and to use up this pink fabric for something useful.

The bag is made from two fat quarters from a stack of six. I still find this measurement of fabric difficult to come to terms with, both the name and the concept. It must be my age, but I like a nice simple metre of fabric in a width that I understand. Not a quarter of a yard that is actually just over half a yard long. and half a yard wide. If you don’t sew yourself, or are yet to meet the fat quarter, it is a 1 yard (36″/91 cm) length of 44″(112cm) wide fabric, cut in half first horizontally and then vertically to produce four equal sized pieces.

Anyway, you can get a cute project bag or tote bag out of a couple of fat quarters of fabric if you are inventive, so they can be handy for very small projects that you might make of an evening, and two such pieces of fabric have leant themselves to becoming a new carry-around knitting project bag, for things like those sweater sleeves I must pick up again.

Now that I am a little more confident in how to put a box pouch together I am going to make myself a little project bag out of a piece of fabric that I have been waiting to use for a very long time.

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