FO: The Magic Monkey Box Pouch Project Bag Of Win

FO: The Magic Monkey Box Pouch Project Bag Of Win

After my little creative blip leading up to the weekend that I wrote about yesterday I decided to test the waters with a little sewing project and the aid of my new sewing machine accessories. I knew that this project would not be perfect, and so decided to think of it as a little starter project or test run to use a special piece of fabric that I had stored in my cupboard for a long while. It was special for two reasons. Firstly, it had monkeys on it, and monkeys are amazing, as Giantmonk will testify. Secondly, it had been sent by a friend, the lovely Jen of JenACKnitwear.

I decided to make a project bag that I could use often, so that I would see and enjoy it all of the time. It is lined with felt for structure and resilience (and because I never had any other lining fabric). I picked a bright yellow zipper for the pouch and assembled it with matching yellow thread. I also decided to make a feature of the thread by using a bold stitch to outline the tabs at either end of the zipper pull, to contrast with the green felt. I also added a little banana-shaped button to one of these tabs, to fit in with the monkey-ish theme.
I’m happy with the way the finished bag turned out. I love the bright, bold colours and sturdy feeling of the finished box pouch. It’s nice and roomy to hold pieces of knitting larger than a sock, yet still very light and portable.
Now that I have a few little project bags I’ll be able to take more than one knitting or crochet projects along with me for journeys or holidays, so I’ll be able to take a range of WIPs with me to family visits and weekends away with friends. More yarn, more of the time. And I am sure everyone will coo over my neat zips now that I have a zipper foot.
Or maybe they won’t, but I’m sure they’ll all appreciate how awesome the monkey project bag is deep down, and then I shall tell them of my cheery news:
I heard word from the magazine today that my knitted samples will definitely be returned to me, which is a massive relief and a very positive thing at the end of a long day. I feel listened to and can hopefully move forward from feeling so downhearted at everything that followed. The editor was even kind enough to include a corrected PDF so that I could show an amended print to family and friends (though this didn’t come through on the email it was nice that the thought was there, and I have asked them to send it again if it is still available). My main concern, however, is eased, and things seem a lot more positive on this front. I have decide that when I receive pay for the particular design affected by everything that happened I am going to buy materials (yarn, fabric, beads… whatever) to create something entirely and selfishly for me, so that I feel like I have got something out of this whole process.
On another positive note, I want to thank those people that commented on my post about lack of motivation, depression, crafting and how it can affect the affection you have for your own skills and abilities as a creative individual. I had a few very touching comments on the blog and also a number of non-public messages via Ravelry and the comments form on the blog. I have responded to the non-public messages where possible, but I just wanted to say again what a wonderful support network we often create as crafters, and when people take even a few minutes to share their experiences or lend some advice or words of understanding it shows what a strong and wonderful community we create around us.

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