Yarn Re-aquainted

Yarn Re-aquainted

After I had thought that all was lost and that I should never be able to finish the mystery pair of socks which I began over a year ago, look what I should find (in a box clearly labelled 4-ply sock yarn’, no less).

This is the remaining half a skein of Schoppel-Wolle Admiral Ombré which only Saturday seemed certain to be lost forever, despite actually being in the most obvious place that I should have looked. I seem to not have trusted that I might have put this yarn somewhere so sensible, but it was staring me in the face whilst I went rummaging for something else.

So, as I am just wrapping up a magazine commission and am looking for a bit of simple TV knitting it seemed like absolutely the perfect opportunity to put this recent fortunate discovery to use, and would be a very sensible use of my evening knitting time…

…But instead I cast on a new pair of mitts.

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