WIP: The Turning Point

WIP: The Turning Point

Whenever I knit a pair of socks I find that the ‘turning point’ of each sock is the heel. The heel is the hump day of the sock. It is the Wednesday afternoon point of knitting that, once complete, means that that the end is in sight. But really, half way through the first sock is only a quarter of the way to a pair.

When I am knitting socks for myself I can see each sock separately as part of the same project, and I know that I am only half way towards wearing my new socks or giving them to the recipient when I have completed that first sock. But something different happens when I am working on a new design. When I have finished that first sock my design (rather than the actual project) is complete. But when I have my design brain engaged I am looking to conceptualizing my ideas, defining them in my mind and then refining and testing the design theory by producing an actual model of the knit. For a pair of socks where both socks are identical (rather than mirror images, or variations on a theme) the test of the design feels complete after one sock, and when the creative part of my brain is firing it’s little design sparks it inevitably wants to move on to designing all of the new and sparkly fun things, not test knit that same sock model again, especially as I’m not knitting the socks to enjoy wearing them afterwards.

But, I’m quite disciplined. I will work through the second sock before moving onto the next design because it is absolutely the right thing to do, even if it isn’t the fun thing to do. Even IF I already have some lovely new yarn lined up for the next design…

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