Wedding Shawl – Off The Needles

Wedding Shawl – Off The Needles

The last few rows of the Wedding Shawl have been knit and every stitch bound off. I have added a few hundred beads and changed the pattern slightly to use alternative increases and decreases and to lose the purl stitches in the motifs, but these are all small changes for the ease of knitting and a few slight aesthetic preferences.

By the time I reached the last row the stitches to be bound off seemed almost endless, but as I neared the end I gave the knitting to Mr Awesome to bind off the very last couple of stitches, so that he added to the shawl and got to add to its completion.

The piece has now been in for a gentle soak and is currently blocking to open up the lace pattern, which should hopefully help the beads to be more apparent, as they are currently hidden away, nestled in the froth of the lace yarn.

The shawl will probably need re-blocking closer to the wedding, but I couldn’t bear not being able to see it in its properly completed form, to imagine that day I actually get to wear it.

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