New Pattern: Birchwood Mitts

New Pattern: Birchwood Mitts

The Birchwood Mitt pattern is now published and live, ready to cast on and be knit to warm and comfort hands whilst keeping them stylish.

These mitts were designed as much out of need as of want, as I have suffered with a condition that affects my circulation for many years and have recently found that the level to which people in the office will go to keep the air conditioning up to deep freeze are beyond any kind of protest that I can no longer feel my fingers to type.

These mitts are designed to hug the contours of the hand with the twisted rib that transfers onto graphic twisting cables like the intertwining branches of a young spindly birch tree. The smooth merino yarn used in the sample is warm yet comfortable and smooth on the hand, which will make them perfect for wearing for long periods of time.

Each mitt is a perfect mirror image of the other with the cabling reverse for right and left hands. The pattern recommends and links to particularly stretchy 1×1 rib cast on and bind offs, but these can be exchanged for any of the knitters preference if so desired.

The pattern is both written and charted for those knitters who prefer one form of instruction over the other, and pattern support is always offered and provided.

Two sizes are given. The smaller of the two sizes should fit most people from a 6-8.5″ hand circumference, and will stretch well beyond this, but a larger size is also included for those with hands over 9″ in circumference who would prefer a more relaxed fit.

Birchwood Mitts are available to download from this site or on Ravelry for only $4, and will make a fantastic knit for yourself or to give as a gift due to their stretchy, accomodating sizing.

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4 thoughts on “New Pattern: Birchwood Mitts”

  • These are absolutely lovely! The yarn + needle size gives the most beautiful stitch definition, and I love the angular/geometric cables. I am drawn to designs that are not overly feminine/fussy/flowery, so this one is going straight into my Ravelry queue. Gorgeous work!

  • Absolutely amazing, as always! I love your patterns, Mimi. So much, in fact, that when I realized we were no longer carrying Simply Knitting at my work, I hunted it down online and ordered the past three issues so I wouldn’t be without your lovely sock patterns! A large portion of my mom’s side of the family also has Reynaud’s (myself included), so I’ll be whipping these up for gifts in the near future!

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