Finishing Touches And Quality Blog Time

Finishing Touches And Quality Blog Time

I have been putting those last few finishing touches to my latest pattern, which I hope to publish and upload tomorrow. All ends have been woven in, and the pattern checked and edited, charted and written in full.

I have found that recently that I am struggling to find time in the evenings after work to add those little tweaks to my blog that I have been thinking of working on for some time. So, tomorrow I have booked a day off work to very specifically not put on my work clothes, to sit on the sofa rather than at a desk, and to enjoy some quality time working on my blog rather than picking over the details of spreadsheets and stock figures.

And, importantly, I shall be able to find the time to publish my latest mitts pattern, Birchwood, which I shall be listing on Ravelry tomorrow, and that gives me something to be excited about – but only after I have had a bit of a lie in.

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