Finished Socks And Some Travel Knitting

Finished Socks And Some Travel Knitting

By the time I returned home from work yesterday I was very much ready to get on with some knitting. This was because I knew I only had something like 6 short row toe rows to complete before I could kitchener stitch the remaining live stitches on the second of a pair of socks and get my most recent pattern soaked and blocking.

There’s a fantastic sense of accomplishment that accompanies a finished project or pattern, and for me it hits when I have the item pinned out or on blocking forms, drying. At this point I can stand back and admire it, slightly damp, but with all stitches neatly and attractively placed.

So, with that project ticked and completed, I decided to take some knitting with me on a little business trip today, and I was very, very good.

I did not cast on a new project. Instead, I packed up one of my current WIPs of shame and got a good bit of sock knitting done on the journey so that now all I have to do is knit a quick toe and I will have half a pair of socks. Hopefully the glow from my halo won’t keep me awake tonight.

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  • Here’s a little buff to shine your halo a wee bit more. It is your sock pictures and FOs that make me want sock blockers so much. I’m in search of the perfect place mats to make some according to your tutorial. So carry on. Your work is fueling mine.

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