Stash And Craft Purchases

Stash And Craft Purchases

Now that the weather has warmed up and sunshine has seen fit to visit our little isle, it is high time for the early risers and bargain hunters as Car Boot Season gets underway.

I’m not sure how popular/well known car boot sales are in other countries, but the bright cardboard signs advertising local car boots are a common sight alongside british A-roads throughout most of the country in the warm months.

People turn up with a car full of unwanted goods and lay their wares upon wallpaper pasting tables and groundsheets for people to paw over a lifetime of accumulated jumble at bargain prices. And this weekend I found a few bargains.

Firstly I found four small willow wreath bases, for which I paid 50p for the four. I’m going to experiment with making a few paper flowers and might use these for the arrangements.

I also picked up 13 balls of Patons Baby Pure Wool 2-ply in white, for £3 in total. There is 335g of this laceweight yarn in total, it’s in great condition and a lovely, springy 100% wool. I have been looking for a laceweight yarn for a possible wedding shawl, so I snapped this up quite briskly.

My final purchase was a soft toy kit of a badger. My grandmother used to purchase me these soft toy kits once in a while when I was about 8 years old. I was a very adept hand-sewer at a very young age and would diligently hand sew all manner of little creatures, and the results were always well received by my grandparents as I built myself a little menagerie. Sadly I no longer have any of those stuffed creatures, but when I spotted this badger kit for just £1, never used, I snapped it up as a definite bargain.

I used to love the professional-looking finish that I could get with these kits as a child, so I thought that I might just enjoy quickly running one up on the machine as a bit of nostalgia.

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