Mr Awesome’s New Hat & New Pattern: The Awesome Hat

Mr Awesome’s New Hat & New Pattern: The Awesome Hat

I think we have finally found hat Nirvana

This winter just passed I promised Mr Awesome that I would knit him the perfect hat after we passed through a very harsh winter where his ears were permanently cold. Though I had knit him a Marram Hat, its relatively lightweight construction and shallow brim meant that his habit of wearing his hats rather too far back on his head meant that his forehead was permanently cold and his ears exposed.

So, I set about trying to find a hat with a deep brim to keep his ears warm and a nice, thermal stitch which would remain lightweight but warm, and also hug the head to keep out any cold gusts of wind.

There are quite a few possible patterns out there, but every single one I looked at had something wrong. Sometimes the brim was untidy and didn’t line up, sometimes it was the overall shape leaving a pointy weird bit at the top, but mostly it was the decreases. For some reason, most of the hats had a really ugly set of decreases on top which I didn’t like at all.

So once I decided on which rib pattern I thought might best do the job I sat about playing with different decrease patterns until I settled on my favourite – simple decreases that disappeared into the original ribbing as set by the patterning. This allowed a varying in the rate of decreasing through the hat to ensure that I ended up with a nicely rounded crown and no strange pointy bit around the final decrease rounds.

Another thing that bothered me with the other brimmed hats that I found was that the ribbing of the brim did not match or line up with the ribbing of the main body of the hat. I worked a solution to this into the pattern as well as providing a definite point at which the brim should fold to keep things neat and keep the portion of the hat that is supposed to be folded brim equal and tidy around the ensure circumference.

I actually love this hat. Mr Awesome, who traditionally does not feel that he looks very good in hats, can wear it with ease and confidence as it is designed to flatter and frame those parts of the face that a good hat will always highlight – covering the top â…”rds of the ears, framing the face above the eyebrows and falling to just above the nape of the neck.

The ultra-stretchy ribbing ensures a perfect fit, and instructions on knitting the hat to the perfect length for your or the recipient are also included. Additionally there are notes included on how to re-size the hat for a toddler, should your recipient be a mini one.

The Awesome Hat is available to download from this site or on Ravelry for only $4.50, and will be sure to become a staple go-to hat pattern for many years to come.

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