FO: Handspun Yarn rainbow Cushion

FO: Handspun Yarn rainbow Cushion

I finished the crocheted front of this cushion quite a while ago but I have now finally got my act together and created the back and sides of the cushion as well. On top of this I have even made a custom cushion pad to fit the arced shape of the rainbow, so I can present you with a finished piece.

The initial idea for this cushion came about because I had been searching for a use for some rainbow gradient yarn that I had spun on my wheel. I knew that I wanted a project that would show off the entire spectrum of the yarn from red through to purple, so something radial seemed to pose a good solution as I could just keep on knitting or crocheting until I ran out of yarn.

A circle was the most obvious and basic form of radial design, but I tweaked this idea from circle, to half circle, to the multicoloured arc that the yarn actually replicates, to give a wonderfully unique and surprisingly huge cushion.

The back and sides are made from an inexpensive polar fleece throw from Ikea, which cost about £3 but also gives a nice snuggly back and good support for the cushion within.

I haven’t been knitting or crocheting much recently as I have been in a bit of a craft funk due to work being really exhausting and there being lots of wedding organising to get done in the evenings, but my hands are itching for a bit of creativity so hopefully a new project will spring forth soon.

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