FO: Badger Badger Badger Badger Soft Toy

FO: Badger Badger Badger Badger Soft Toy

I have spent a couple of enjoyable hours in the belief that if you carefully pin, tack, baste and then sew a number of strange and awkwardly shaped pieces of fake fur fabric together, you might just end up with something recognisable. Actually, by the time I had got to the stage in the picture above I started to have my doubts, but as is the magic with so much in sewing, turning it the right way out made the voodoo happen.

Once the piece was eased into being the right way out, something that was vaguely badger head shaped popped into view, surrounded by lots of fluff, loose fur piles, and many more complicated shapes. Once they were all successfully identified and sewn together there was a recognisable and rather darling little badger.

For anyone looking to try making soft toys, the little Minicraft sewing kits are an inexpensive way to achieve a professional result. I sewed this kit together on the machine for speed, but when I was a child I used to sew Minicraft kits by hand. 
The kit above retails for about £10, and all you need to add are the sewing thread and some soft toy stuffing (or use the same thing that I do for soft toys – the stuffing from a £1.70 Ikea pillow, which would be enough to fill about four of these 12″ soft toy kits). Smaller kits are even less money and produce an equally lovely result. If you were considering buying a soft toy as a gift, this would probably work out less expensive, and a project onto which you could add your own personal touch – a little ‘handmade by’ label, a bow-tie, or even a moustache if you so wished. 
I’m not yet sure where this little guy might end up – whether he is destined to live at Castle Awesome or will go to live with someone else, but for now he is guarding the dresser at the end of my bed, keeping a watch out for any other unexpected wildlife.

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  • You don’t know where he might end up?? With me, of course! He’s gorgeous, and I’ll love him to bits. I already have a larger badger who’s looking for company.

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