FO And New Pattern: Twists & Turns Cabled Socks

FO And New Pattern: Twists & Turns Cabled Socks

I have a new pattern to share, a pair of socks in Simply Knitting Issue 109.

I really enjoyed both the designing and knitting of the socks that have debuted in this issue. I wanted to take some of the styling and detailing of traditional fisherman’s sweaters knit in natural creamy white wool and make a pair of socks that were both solidly styled and yet still pretty on a female feet.

The cables on these socks are in the form of the interlocking thick and thin diamonds of an Argyle pattern, as I wished to play with a number of different styles and motifs from around the isles. The cabling is detailed yet not overly complex, and gives a result that is pleasing to the eye and without uncomfortable bulk or restriction.

These socks are relatively quick to knit, too, as they are knit in wonderfully bouncy 6-ply yarn on 3mm needles, so grow at an almost alarming rate from the needles.

A pair of small, simple cables run down both the inside and outside of the leg to complement the show-stopping cables that rest along the length of the leg. Rib sections between cables result in added stretch for a good fit, complemented by a 1×1 ribbed cuff that will keep the socks up comfortably.

These are the kind of socks that every knitter should have in their wardrobe as something that can be admired by knitters and non-knitters alike, bringing to mind the idea of ‘ideal’ knitting that modern department stores have recently been trying to replicate but will never match.

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