WIP: Green Stripy Socks

WIP: Green Stripy Socks

Sometimes the most perfect piece of knitting is not the most complex nor the most perfectly executed, but that which is knit  when a knitter is surrounded by friends and loved ones, where the enjoyment of warm companionship and lively conversation is knit into every stitch.

And so it is that these simple stripy socks come to be a wonderful reminder of the late May Bank Holiday weekend that we spent with the Awesome Grandparents. The mindless mechanical action of stockinette in the round – knit stitch after knit stitch, round after round, spiralling onwards whilst a sock grows in descent. The progress of the knitting is hardly noticed due to wonderful company until you look down and there is half a sock somehow, quite magically, on the needles.

Back home the knitting seems slower but just as unobtrusive. It is perfect ‘background’ knitting, allowing my hands working automatically whilst the TV is on, whilst every now and again the wonderful nature of the self-striping yarn brings another blue-green shade to the intersection of the busy needles.

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