Wedding Crafting: To Knit And To Sew, From This Day Forth

Wedding Crafting: To Knit And To Sew, From This Day Forth

When crafty friends and followers of this blog found out that I was getting married, one of the first things that many of them asked me, via Twitter, blog posts, emails and texts was if I was going to knit my own wedding dress/shawl/socks, if I was going to make my own cake, our wedding favours, sew my own wedding tablecloths…

Clearly the opportunities for handmade touches to a wedding are numerous in the extreme – a once in  lifetime chance to scatter a few handmade touches throughout a special day which I don’t intend to let pass me by. However, there is also that part of me that knows that this will be the most special day of my life, and though I very much want to share the details of the handmade wedding items that Mr Awesome and I create, I really want to keep some surprises for the guests, a number of which I know read this blog.

We have already started to create table decorations and wedding favours, and I have started work on the gifts for the wedding party members, so all of those bright and happy crafting projects are already underway, but under wraps. I seriously can’t wait to share details of all of the wedding crafts that go towards making our day extra special (and I will share them!) but it shall probably be after the wedding until I post the pictures, details and (possibly) tutorials for all of the crafts that we dip into on this journey. At the moment I am mostly sewing (embroidering, hand stitching and readying my trusty sewing machine) but there will be many other craft areas we drop into on the way.

I must also give a hat-tip to a fellow crafter, and fellow soon-to-be-wed friend who has started a blog of his own at An Amateur Sews. After a few major successes with re-upholstering he is on his way to practising making ties for the wedding party members, and though a broken sewing machine has tried to thwart his efforts this is being rectified so that his sewing venture can continue. Drop by his blog and show him some support (PS – just to be clear, that blog does not belong to Mr Awesome – he isn’t allowed near pointy things like needles).


6 thoughts on “Wedding Crafting: To Knit And To Sew, From This Day Forth”

  • I can’t wait to see all the goodies you two whip up for the big day! I am knitting my own wedding dress, but eloping, so that will be as hand-made as my wedding gets. 🙂

  • I think it is so awesome that you get to contribute to your special day by making hand-made creations!! Wish I knew how to sew/knit.. Best of luck!

  • @sayyeswedds You really don’t need to know how to sew to start sewing, it’s actually surprisingly easy and straightforward if you take your time and think about things. Give it a go, you might find a hidden talent 😉 I’ve yet to find my hidden talent, but i’m sure it is in there waiting to come out…

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