FO And New Pattern: Violet Socks

FO And New Pattern: Violet Socks
Now that the excitement of getting engaged has settled in a little I have a slight backlog of projects and shiny new things to share!
The first thing that I wanted to write about was to let readers know that my latest published pattern is for a pair of socks, currently in issue 107 of Simply Knitting, where they appear under the name ‘Delicate Lace’ socks. 

These socks are knit from two 50g skeins of Regia Extra Twist Merino Color yarn, an affordable merino/nylon blend sock yarn in a range of rich shades.

The socks feature a lace and cable stitch pattern that is comfortable with a great deal of stretch and flexibility due to the elastic nature of the lace eyelets nestling between columns of cables.

These are perhaps my favourite socks to date, as they incorporate so many of my favourite design elements and yet are deceptively simple to knit. They are also very practical yet feminine in their detailing, which makes them perfect when worn with jeans and a cute pair of Mary Jane shoes, but they also look fab when worn with bright summer hues, such as in the fabulously styled magazine shoot picture:

Simply Knitting issue 107 is currently available to buy in shops and online.

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