Tutorial: Make Your Own Wooly Sheep Keyring

Tutorial: Make Your Own Wooly Sheep Keyring

Here’s a great activity to use up scraps of yarn and make a few fantastic little gifts. It’s a quick and easy project and so simple that it makes a wonderful weekend or summer holiday activity for children.

All you need is some scrap yarn (bonus points for using wool) and a small amount of polymer clay.

Start by making a small pom-pom with a diameter of about 2-3 cm (1-1¼”). If you have a super-swish pom-pom maker, then you’re sorted, but if you’re not lucky enough to own one then please save yourself a bit of time and frustration by making your pompoms using a fork.

I have made a little brown sheep simply because it is easier to see the brown yarn against a white background, but you can have a rainbow of sheep if you have bright enough yarn. Once you have your sheep body you need some polymer clay for her head.

 Roll three balls of clay – one should be about three times the size of the other two and they should be comparative to the size of the pom-pom as in the picture above.

Press your thumb into the larger ball of clay, elongating it slightly so that one half is slightly thicker and wider than the other. The two smaller balls of clay should be shaped into flattened, elongated teardrop shapes.

Turning the face over shows the smooth surface of the clay face, free of thumb and fingerprints.

Press the two teardrops to the edges of the narrower end of the larger clay piece and use a pencil or thin knitting needle to poke two eyes into the clay. Bake the clay according to the manufacturers instructions and allow to cool (an adult should be in charge of using the oven and handling the still-hot clay pieces).

Using a clear glue such as UHU multipurpose glue, attach the head to the pompom body by pressing it firmly into the parted strands of your pompom. Attach a keyring or ribbon for hanging as a handbag charm or home decoration using a sewing needle and thread, or glue a small round magnet to the back to attach to the refrigerator.

These are so quick and easy to make that you might wish to make a whole flock to turn into a hanging mobile and they are a wonderful way to make something cute and fun out of leftover yarn.

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