Life Happenings

Life Happenings

I’ve never been one for talking much about my life outside of crafting on my blog. Some people seamlessly drop in a mention of how good their daughter’s piano recital was half way through a post about a new hat they’ve knit, or talk about their favourite wine bar alongside their pictures of a new quilt they have been piecing. I’m not one of those people. Firstly, I doubt that people would be interested in my day-to-day happenings, and historically it is because I never had much news of any joy to post about, and though the last two years have given me so many things to be glad and grateful for I have never found myself dropping news of my life into my blog posts.

Today I am going to break with this, though, to share with you some news, and the reason that this blog has been a bit quiet over the past couple of weeks.

I have agreed to become Mrs Awesome.

And that is what has got in the way of my crafting and blogging. There have been friends and families to visit and other things to do and organise, and all of the crafting that we have been doing (together) over the past week and a half has all been things we have been making for our future wedding, so things that I am not ready to share yet.

However, I have a number of crafting things that I do wish to share, but I shall save those for a separate post, as for now I just wanted to share this bit of news whilst my heart continues to leap around.

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