I have treated myself to some new yarn. It is from Schoppel Wolle, it is wound in the same manner as their Zauberball yarn, but it is not a Zauberball. No, for this is Wunderkleckse yarn.

Obviously the first thing I did was to find an online translator to see what the word ‘kleckse’ meant, and Google tells me that it means ‘blob’, so now this yarn shall be referred to as the Wonderblob.

I was quite intrigued by this yarn, both for its beautiful colouration, which reminded me of the shades of one of my favourite (now sadly lost) pair of handmade socks, made from another of Schoppel Wolle’s more standard yarns, Admiral R Druck in 1693 Blue Ice:

This new yarn is completely different to the Admiral yarn in the way that it is dyed. As far as I can guess, Wonderblob is first knit into a sheet or tube and then dyed with patches (or blobs) of colour, something which I have guessed at due to the look of the yarn in the ball, which looks like it has been previously knit and then unravelled. A number of Ravelry users that have knit with this yarn have mentioned this in their project notes and said that it made their knitting uneven, though I know from having knit one of SkeinQueen’s Magic Carpets that this made no difference to the evenness of my finished socks, so I don’t foresee it being a problem with this yarn, either.

Due to the way this yarn is dyed it should pool around the blobs of colour if the stitch count and needle size can be adjusted to work best with the yarn. I don’t quite know what has driven me to try and give this a go as I usually look towards trying to avoid pooling, but I hope that this will be slightly more random and organic than the flashing that regular multicoloured yarn can be prone to, and the knitting of the socks should be a new kind of challenge.

If my gauge is right as it could look like someone has knit a white pair of socks and then dropped pools of coloured dye onto them – which frankly would probably be easier than knitting these socks and trying to achieve the most wonderful kleckse.

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