WIP: Wonderblob In Action

WIP: Wonderblob In Action

Fresh off the back of the great sense of accomplishment I was feeling after finishing another magazine commission, I sprung into casting on a new project, and I thought I would try out the fun but slightly daunting Wonderblob yarn.

I experimented a little and found that the spots of dye started to line up at around 66sts on 2.5mm needles and at around 70sts on 2.25mm needles. I decided to use the slightly larger needles to achieve a very slightly lighter fabric as these colours rather lend themselves to a more summery pair of socks, and the denser knit fabric would probably feel a little too stiff and rigid for the warmer months.
The yarn is certainly a novelty to work with, and as simple as the knitting is I keep checking to make sure that the areas of dye are still lining up, which keeps this simplest of sock patterns interesting. The finished socks have no chance of matching, but that is part of the beauty and gamble that comes with knitting this yarn. Though I think this yarn is just a novelty for me and something that I will enjoy working with this once, I think that I shall very much like the finished knit as it will be so very different from any of my past finished projects. I wouldn’t be surprised though to find that some other knitters might think the whole idea just a load of Jackson Pollocks.

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