WIP: Orangey Handspun yarn

WIP: Orangey Handspun yarn

I have finished the third and final single ply of a yarn that I started spinning quite some time ago. With the introduction of my new Lazy Kate which I purchased second hand from someone on Ravelry, I am finally ready to try my hand at a 3-ply yarn as I didn’t want to chain/Navajo ply the singles and my wheel’s in-built Lazy Kate only has space for two bobbins and no break band.

All three bobbins full of fibre can be seen on the arch of the Lazy Kate in the top-down shot. On the right is a solid coloured bright, mid-light orange. The other two bobbins are full of yarn spun from blended fibres which were mostly orange but with areas of red, light brown and golden yellow. For the middle bobbin I spun these just as they came off the fibre in my hands, but for the left bobbin I tried to split these into the fore aforementioned colour groups and spin each of the colours in sections. This wasn’t wholly successful as the fibres were far too blended to make this either enjoyable or useful and ended up being a great amount of extra work for only a subtle result, though the changes in colour are at least somewhat noticeable on the bobbin.

Hopefully plying should only take a short amount of time and this yarn shall be complete soon.

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