FO: 3-ply Orange Handspun Merino Yarn

FO: 3-ply Orange Handspun Merino Yarn

The 3 single plies have been spun together to result in my first ever 3-ply handspun yarn. Plying the yarn took less than a couple of hours and it was an absolute joy to see the finished yarn taking shape.

Once the yarn was plied it was straight onto the niddy noddy for an initial skeining. There ended up being 193 passes around the 72″ niddy noddy, meaning that the finished skein is 386 yards (353 metres) in length.

Fresh off the niddy noddy the yarn looked lovely and round and not over-plied, which allows the variation and subtle shifts in colour of the three individual plies shine through. I’m not entirely sure what yarn weight this is yet as I have now sunk it deep into a lukewarm bath and hung it up to dry, but it looks like it might be a substantial fingering weight or sport weight yarn at first glance. I’ll work out the wraps per inch and actual weight of the skein once it has fully dried and is ready to played with.

I’m very pleased with this yarn as only looking at it now can I see the improvement in my spinning from my earlier skeins. This is only my third skein of yarn (though I have spun little bits and bobs of fibre from time to time), and this fibre once had a sibling, bought together in the same transaction. As this fibre was a blend of orange hues, so was the other a blend of beautiful greens, and it became a skein of handspun for a dear and much missed friend.

This, my first skein of handspun, was completed on a drop spindle and is less consistent in thickness and twist, but I think beautiful in its own way.

My latest yarn is not perfect, but shows the unnoticed improvement that creeps up on someone learning a new skill or art, that perhaps can only be appreciated when you take the time to step back from what you are learning to examine your past attempts, and that’s why I am always thankful of the ability and opportunity to learn new things and to improve.

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