4KCBWDAY5 Something A Bit Different

4KCBWDAY5 Something A Bit Different

4KCBWDAY5 Something A Bit Different It’s the annual challenge to blog in a way different to how you normally blog. You may choose to create a podcast, or vlog, create a wordless post or write in verse. You’ve already stretched your wings with an infographic, now it’s time to freestyle. You can post on any topic you like, but be sure to post in a style different from your usual blog presentation.

I thought I’d explain exactly why it is that I have so much Kaffe Fassett Regia Sock Yarn at the moment. I know a lot of people say “it’s not my fault!” because the yarn was calling to them, or because they just can’t help the shiny, but I have another problem.

Mr Awesome is an enabler! And I thought that as I now had a load of new yarn I should put some of it to some use. And as it will soon be coming up to two years since I met the wonderful Mr Awesome I thought he deserved a new pair of socks to go with his other two pairs.

After finding a masculine colourway I have cast on for a third pair of Giant Man socks.

As this yarn is self-striping I spent a while researching ways to play with the yarn to achieve an effect something other than simple stripes. After looking at a number of options I wanted something that was less fussy and more masculine than most of the options I had seen so have devised a new pattern that makes the most of this yarn’s qualities.

I’m really enjoying both the effect and simplicity of design of these socks, and they are flying along as the stitch is so easy to execute. As the stitch I am using does require the use of a stitchmarker I have selected one of the most cheery from my collection, in the form of a dainty teacup.

Working with this yarn to bring out and emphasise its qualities (in this case the colour changes and self-striping nature) is a very House Of Monkey thing to do, and though it may be a few days late I realise that I have now found my mascot project!

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