4KCBWDAY4 – Colour Review

4KCBWDAY4 – Colour Review

4KCBWDAY4 Colour ReviewWhat are your favourite colours for knitted or crocheted projects. Have a think about what colours you seem to favour when yarn shopping and crafting.

Only after writing this part of your post should you then actually look to see what colours you have used in your projects. Make a quick tally of what colours you have used in your projects over the past year and compare it to the colours you have written about. Compare this, in turn, to the colours that are most dominant in your yarn stash – do they correlate?

Now think back to your house animal – do the colours you have chosen relate to your animal in anyway – if you are in the house of peacock, for example, are your projects often multicoloured and bright?

I was thinking the other day how much my sense of colour has calmed down over the last year or so. I used to love to surround myself with as much colour as possible, and always went for the brightest yarns, but now see the beauty in the delicate grey hues and subtle natural colours that we have decorated our home in, and I am always drawn to project that have been knit in these colours. My projects since the Last Knitting & Crochet Blog Week, however, tell a different story.

Though a pair of grey/brown socks make an appearance, they were knit for Mr Awesome, who has outgrown his novelty socks years (though he still acquires a number as birthday and Christmas gifts from various people, which he does wear). There are actually a far few projects more than this, but as they are all due in upcoming publications I don’t have pictures yet (or rather I do, but they are under wraps), but I can tell you that they are bright and vibrant shades of an almost electric violet and bright red and olive green as well as white.

Looking at the colours that I have used and that are in my stash, they are every bit as vibrant as the preceding years, and I am still enjoying playing with colour in my knitting, crochet and my spinning. I like to try and make colour work for me – putting together pallettes that I enjoy working with and making yarns that are by nature multicoloured work to their best advantage. I spent a while working out how to make the most of some yarn that I had spun that ran through all the shades of the rainbow, but decided what better to make with rainbow hued yarn that a rainbow?

I have also spent some time this year trying to make varigated yarns work to my favour. I’ve not usually been a fan of variegated colour ways until I started playing with stitches and various techniques that could work with those very short colour repeats and play with the colours within.

These Confetti socks were the result of many experiments on how to alter and control the flow of colour in a skein of yarn to bring out the various hues whilst minimising the risk of accidental pooling.

So does my choice of colour reflect my house animal at all? I’d say yes, in that I am always inquisitive about colour and finding ways to best put different colours together as well as making the colours that somebody else has selected for a multicoloured yarn work toward the effect that I am looking for, and I think that is a very Monkey-ish trait!

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