WIP Update: Handspun Cushion

WIP Update: Handspun Cushion

I’ve been working on my crocheted cushion made from my handspun rainbow yarn over the weekend, and I’ve more or less finished the main crocheted front of the cushion.

Because I wanted to maximise the impact of the handspun yarn and have the whole spectrum of colours visible I have decided to back the cushion with some re-purposed fleece from a white Ikea blanket/throw (at £3 a perfect cheap source of decent quality fleece fabric).

As the finished cushion will not be a standard size/shape I shall also need to make a custom cushion pad to fit the finished design for which I will probably use another Ikea crafting favourite of mine: a couple of Gosa SlÃ¥n pillows which at £1.30 provide a good volume of polyfill stuffing and enough fabric to sew together to make a custom-fit cushion pad.

I’m looking forward to getting the cushion finished and made up, but I have a few design details I need to think my way around first. I lost my button hole foot when I moved, so for the moment buttonholes are out, but maybe I can make button loops, or tab ties to form a closure.

Whatever the eventual decisions are, I’m looking forward to getting this cushion put together and placed on the sofa for a big, bright addition to our home.

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