WIP: Olive

WIP: Olive
It’s great to have my needles out again. I really enjoyed coming home to work on my cabled socks last week, though I perhaps did not knit to my normal rate, as I have been coming home from my job feeling both very satisfied with what I have achieved in my working day but also ready to just sit on the sofa and snooze a while. Still, after a rush of activity in the evenings towards the end of last week a very handsome pair of socks have made it off the needles and after a quick soak are currently being blocked to shape over some bright and pretty sock blockers. And as there is never such a good time to excitedly cast on a new project as when you have just cast one off, I almost sprang to the cupboad to retrieve this 6-ply Zauberball in the shade Olivenstrasse to cast on with a new idea.
It is perhaps a bit misleading to call it a new idea, as it has been a project that took shape in my mind a month or two ago, but as I have been determined to finish a few outstanding projects before allowing myself to cast on with this new Zauberball experience (this 6-ply equivalent weight is knitting up fast and fun) I wouldn’t allow myself to actually get the needles out until all the ends were woven in on everything outstanding.
This is perhaps one of my favourite forms of knitting. Simple, tactile garter stitch using a fun and surprising yarn, given added interest by striping with two ever-changing strands (in this case, as usual for me, by knitting with both ends of the ball).
The stretches of colour in this Zauberball colourway are perhaps less varied than some of the other colour combinations as the different stretches of colour are all from the olive family, but they range from the bright and pale to a darkness verging on black, and the colours are so harmonious as to make the variation a joy.
Now, it might not be immediately apparent what I am knitting in the above picture, but hopefully the result will surprise at least some readers.

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