WIP: Handspun Cushion

WIP: Handspun Cushion

Back in July I spun my first skein of yarn on my new wheel. A simple, 2-ply yarn that I had a few ideas for but none of which were put into action.

Being a rather rough-to-handle yarn I decided that it’s qualities should be best put to use for a bag or cushion, and thought that the nature of the colour progression would best lend it’s self to some kind of radial design in some geometric shape.

But time passed and I never actually got around to casting on a project with this yarn. On Saturday afternoon, however, I was talking to Mr Awesome about how I was feeling fed up and just not myself over the past couple of weeks, and we were talking about things and ways to cheer me up, and I told him that I just wish that I could sit down and knit, because all of the time that I have been close to casting on, or picking up one of my half-finished socks, I just lack that bit of drive to to it, instead sitting there thinking ‘I wish I was knitting’.

So on Saturday, after a weekend shift at work, I came home and sat and talked a while, and thought that, well, I wanted something for my hands to work with, and though I didn’t want my brain to be taken up with complex stitch patterns and wild designer-jumble thoughts, I might as well crochet that yarn into something that, however simple, would at least be bright.

So, I took up my 4.5mm crochet hook and began crocheting a cushion with my handspun yarn. I crocheted and crocheted for about an hour before I stopped and admired my work. Then I did what all sensible crafty folk would do and ripped it all out back to the beginning for no other reason than I then decided that I wanted to give the 4mm Susan Bates crochet hook that someone sent me a go, to see if it was any more comfortable than the cheap aluminium one I was currently wielding. Success, it was slightly more comfortable, and my curiosity was eased, though I then had to start again from the beginning.

After a few more hours crocheting on Saturday as well as a few more on Sunday afternoon, I have something that resembles a woollen rainbow Cornish pasty.

But the simple repetitiveness of the single stitch (I chose half double crochet – US/ half treble – UK for this for its plain simplicity and compact stitch shape) as well as the gentle joy at seeing all of the shades of my handspun yarn emerge from the centre-pull ball and into rows of crochet is easing me back into trying to get over my recent blue phase, and back to enjoying my crafts and creativity again.

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