WIP: Cabled Socks Reloaded

WIP: Cabled Socks Reloaded

As one project hits the blocking mats, so another springs back to life. These are the socks that I was working on a little while ago, before I had a little craft and creativity inspiration ‘blip’ and my hands stopped working and my mind stopped enjoying, but now I can admire them in their WIP state, laid out on a new pair of sock blockers (another Ikea purchase, because I’m on a kick to re-purpose as many Ikea products as I possibly can, and these thick and sturdy placemats at 75p each were just too bright and cheery to walk away from).

I had been knitting these socks two-at-a-time on two sets of DPNs (knitting one pattern repeat on one sock and then on the second sock to keep them both progressing at the same rate) when I reached three repeats of each sock. Looking at the socks afterwards, however, I realise that I had actually knit three repeats on one sock and only one on the other, and still had a long way to go. What a disappointment to my technique of avoiding Second Sock Syndrome!

So, over the past couple of evenings I have brought that second sock, that slacker and its sloth-like progression right up to speed, and I am ready to knit me some heels!

I love knitting the heels of a pair of socks – whether flap and gusset or short-row, or any other form of heel, just because they represent a change of pace and a (literal) turning point in the knitting. It’s onwards, and towards the finish line with these!

6 thoughts on “WIP: Cabled Socks Reloaded”

  • I avoid second sock syndrome by casting on the second sock as soon as I’ve finished the first one, but I don’t know if I could keep my momentum with anything other than plain stockinette. These socks are lovely, they’re like an aran jumper for your feet! Well done on the placemat repurposing, they make some really cool sock blockers 🙂

  • If I don’t knit them two at a time, I’ll cast on a new sock and finish that and then go back and make the mate to the first set. That way it feels new.

  • I love doing socks to at a time, but I use 2 circular needles and literally do them at the same time. Not alternating. I love the pattern you are doing!

    Are you doing another Knitting and Crochet blog week this year? I missed out last year and want to join the fun again.

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