WIP: Octopus From Amigurumi Knits

WIP: Octopus From Amigurumi Knits

For a couple of years now I have admired the animal-based patterns of Hansi Singh, and the book ‘Amigurumi Knits’ is one that I have almost bought about a hundred times, but never actually clicked the button to finalise the purchase. But the other day I thought I would treat myself, and on Thursday it was waiting for me at the Post Office.

And the book has arrived at a really good time. I have found it difficult to knit over the last few days, partly because I am tired and partly because my work has been really stressful recently, and I have returned home at the end of each day feeling unhappy and stressed. But the cheery quirkiness of Amigurumi Knits has provided me with at least some knitted entertainment over the last few days as I have flicked through the pages to enjoy the pictures, and eventually I found enough of my knitting mojo to cast on.

I have cast on the most often knitted pattern in the book – the Common Octopus, with no fewer than 1,300 projects logged on Ravelry. I always think that a good sign of a pattern designed to standards above fabulous as being when you look at the projects page for a pattern and every one looks fabulous, and this is one of those.

The pattern is well thought out and clearly written, with step by step guides to any unfamiliar techniques. Perhaps my favourite thing about the pattern so far is that the legs are knit lengthways, a detail that I love simply because they absolutely fly by – I finished all eight in the time it took to watch a movie.

These legs are currently just as knit. There is the option to leave them like this, unstructured and with a natural twist that brings them to life, or to use pipe-cleaners to give the legs some structure, so that the octopus can pose and grip onto items, which I think is something that I will do.

I’ll look forward to knitting the rest of this little guy and piecing him together, especially as I hope that it will bring my knitting mojo back for other projects.

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