WIP: Cabled Socks

WIP: Cabled Socks

I have started work on a new knitting design project due at the end of next month. I’m working quite a way ahead of schedule just to clear a path for some other work, but this pattern is coming together quite quickly.

It’s partly because of the nature of the pattern, which is a mixture of simple but interesting due to the cabling, and partly because of the 6-ply yarn knitting up that bit quicker. Each round of the cable section isn’t that much shorter than a round of a stockinette stitch socks in 4ply yarn, but the depth of stitches mean that each completed round sees the socks grow at a slightly faster rate than I am used to.

And I say socks in the plural, as I am knitting two at a time on two sets of DPNs. I love knitting socks in this way, simply because when you are finished, you’re finished. You can’t be half finished, with the joy of one complete and fully formed sock and yet another whole replica sock to have to knit. I always think it would be easier if I were one of those knitters that can enjoy knitting the same project multiple times, but as soon as I am finished with one project my concentration and imagination are both on the next, so not having that feeling of full accomplishment hit me until both socks have been completed is brilliant.

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