What Lovely Things

What Lovely Things

This weekend I got to give my new sunflower swift a (literal) whirl. Well, rather it was Mr Awesome who set the swift and ball winder up and wound this sparkly green skein into a perfect little centre-pull ball, ready for use.

But since Saturday I have not been able to knit. Some days I find it difficult to indulge in that pastime which most comforts me because I am feeling worried or upset. I know how contradictory that sounds; that if it is something that comforts me it should be the exact thing to do to help me through times of stress or worry, but instead it is as if there is a marked difference between daily stresses and natural ups and downs and specific worry that stops me from knitting even the most basic of projects.

And I know why it is. Something in the back of my mind tells me that if I knit whilst I am uneasy or unsettled then my knitting shall bring back thoughts of that unease, stress or upset. But a few days on I am missing that sense of creativity and would like to pick up my needles and cast on this yarn, I just need to find those last few grains of inspiration.

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  • Is it the project or the act of knitting that you’re worried about associating with bad feelings? If it’s the project, you could work on things to donate so you get to relax and knit, but you won’t have to keep the project with bad feelings around, and donating means a little good can come out of a bad time.

  • It is the actual act of knitting. I started feeling like this a few years ago when I realised tat I couldn’t knit in times of high turmoil. The weird thing is I WANT to, I just can’t bring myself to do so.

  • I’m exactly the same! I’m known for knitting everywhere; in the car, in the forest, sat in a supermarket carpark, or even at a friend’s house, but when things in the family get bad (like they often do), I can’t knit. It is strange, but I completely understand! I take to reading instead, as it allows me to escape to a completely different reality. The Girl with the Glass Feet by Ali Shaw is my favourite book/world to escape to ๐Ÿ™‚

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