Tutorial and FO: Flower Posy Brooch

Tutorial and FO: Flower Posy Brooch

Here is a simple tutorial for  quick and simple flower posy brooch that would make a perfect gift for Mothers Day. All you need is a couple of blocks of polymer clay, a brooch back, some size 8/0 seed beads and a 8mm blossom plunger cutter.

To start, roll out your base colour clay (I used a dark green) to a thickness of about 2mm.

1 & 2: To create your base shape you can either cut a shape freehand or use a clay or small cookie cutter. 

Top tip: to get a rounded/bevelled edge, cut your shape using a clay or cookie cutter through a layer of cling film/food arp. The downward motion of the cutter pulls the film taught over the clay and rounds off the edge.

3 & 4: Mix or find the colour(s) of clay you wish to use for the flowers on your posy. They may be all one single shade or many. The example shown is based on a posy of forget-me-nots so the flowers are all one colour but beautiful effects can be achieved by using more than one shade of clay. Roll this clay to a thickness of 1.5mm and cut out 15-20 flowers.
Optional: Extra detail can be added to the flowers by use of a secondary colour. Here little white stars have been used to give the appearance of forget-me-nots, but tiny balls of clay can be pressed flat to add a centre colour if desired.
Next, place a single size 8/0 seed bead at the centre of the flower. The following step is impossible to capture a picture of due to the work with the hands concealing what is happening with the clay, but the seed bead/clay arrangement should then be placed in the centre of the palm of the hand and the index finger of the other hand used to gently press the seed bead into the centre of the brooch whilst the flower forms a slight ‘cup’ around the bead. Do not press the bead too far in, but use the action to gently press together the layers of clay and the bead with moderate pressure.
The finished individual blossoms can then be pressed into the base layer of clay before baking the whole piece at the temperature given on the polymer clay makers instructions.
Once cool, use a strong flexible glue such as UHU glue to adhere a secure brooch back to the reverse of the piece and leave to dry.

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