Some More Lovely Things

Some More Lovely Things

Yesterday was St. Valentine’s Day. I did not get roses or chocolates in bed from Mr Awesome. Instead I was given something for Valentines Day that shows how much he knows me, because when I woke up, I was presented with a box.

And in that box was a sunflower swift! I have coveted one of these for longer than I care to remember, though as they are the Rolls Royce of swifts they are not a hasty purchase. But they are definitely built to last a lifetime, and so beautifully made and finished that it is a tool to cherish.

Mr Awesome and I have been struggling recently to wind skeins of yarn using the little skein holder that lovely Stephcuddles had passed on to me last year. For smaller skeins it works perfectly, but larger, standard sized skeins kept sliding off the arms, resulting in dreaded tangles. I wondered if this was perhaps to do with manufacturers moving from older 2 yard skeins to the larger 2 metre skeins, as this skein holder is from well before the metric era.

You can see what a fantastic job it is doing with some of my handspun there as it is in a small skein of 1.5m circumference, but when it came to winding the yarn for my latest shawl we were easing it around as slowly as we could to stop all of the loops of yarn from falling off.

So I really hope that I will have many years fantastic usage from this wonderful tool which I will cherish. As Mr Awesome loves to operate the ball winder here at Awesome Towers, he will hopefully find enjoyment from it’s usage, too.

So, for me it was better than balloons or a cuddly bear. And though I also never received a surprise bunch of flowers at my desk at work yesterday, I did open my desk drawer about an hour into my work day to find this surprise waiting there:

Another Crazy Zauberball gift from Mr Awesome in the shade ‘Pale Shimmer’. I can’t imagine a better Valentine’s Day, or one that made me feel so listened to and appreciated. Thank you, my Mr Awesome.

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