New Yarn: A Message

New Yarn: A Message

I received this postcard yesterday from the lovely knitters at the yarn store and knitting group Ring-A-Rosie, a place that I spoke about with the fondest memories and thanks a few days ago, recounting how wonderful and welcoming they were when I arrived in the little town of Whitley Bay.

The postcard shows St Mary’s Lighthouse, a landmark of the area and the first and most important thing I wanted to explore the very first time I went to visit Mr Awesome’s tiny flat in Whitley Bay. The very next day we walked the longer than estimated journey through the sand on a baking hot day, only for the storm clouds to roll over just as we reached the lighthouse.

But the package contained more than this lovely memory of a beautiful place, it contained something truly amazing.
In the package was a skein of Ring-A-Rosie hand-dyed ‘Stargazer’ yarn, a beautiful mixture of high twist merino and nylon blend with added sparkle. It was early evening when I returned home to find the yarn waiting for me a the most wonderful surprise, so I haven’t been able to capture the subtle sparkle as well as I’d like to in the failing light, but it sits beautifully amongst the greens and occasional flash of turquoise.
The name of this shade is ‘A Message To You’, which just feels so special and fitting as I couldn’t have felt more of a message of friendship and acceptance both at the time I arrived as a stranger and now so many miles away. The distance is quite significant, but not unmanageable, so I have spoken to Mr Awesome and spoken about the possibility that one day we might have a little break from work and take a trip for a couple of days up to Whitley Bay and have a wander up to the lighthouse once more (hopefully not in a thunderstorm this time), maybe stop for a round or two of dinosaur themed crazy golf and then pop by for a knit and natter at a store where even the fabric tags on the very special hand dyed yarn are also each hand-dyed and unique. It’s that kind of place.

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