Getting Organised On Ravelry

Getting Organised On Ravelry

I didn’t make any crafting New Years resolutions this year. There is a fantastic one underway that a good number of people are taking part in – the ‘Knit Your Queue’ challenge.

The ‘queue’ in question is the person’s Ravelry queue – that area of a users personal notebook section that provides every member with a running list of all the patterns and projects that they would like to knit in the future. Some people keep this list up to date and with planned projects, others will have literally thousands of patterns in their queue. Up until a week ago mine was completely empty.
I have never used my queue section because I don’t really pre-plan what I am going to knit. I usually have a vague notion that I might want to knit socks, or a shawl, or a toy, etc. Then I might go and look for some yarn and then onto a pattern, or vice versa. And as I often knit my own improvised designs, I don’t have a pattern to queue. But as I have a few knitting deadlines this year I thought this would be a perfect place to keep track of all that I need to have knit for a certain date. It’s only got two entries on it so far, but it is a start.

I’m also trying to go through my Ravelry library and have a tidy up. I lost quite a few books when I moved, but have gained others, so my library has been a bit of a jumble until recently, and it really pays to keep the Ravelry library up to date to use in conjunction with the Ravelry pattern search (and who wants to search and find the perfect pair of socks only to find that they were in a book that they no longer have access to?)

The one other section of my Ravelry notebook that I have been tidying up is my stash section. I have been moving all of my yarns from days past into the ‘all used up’ section, so that I don’t find false results when trying to match patterns to my stash, but using the filters I can also look upon all of my zauberball friends, both past and present, those that have already been knit into projects and those that are still full of magical promise, and the sight makes me smile.

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  • I’ve got a couple of the same books as you – You’ve reminded me that there’s some on my shelf I haven’t actually used yet. Perhaps I should have a knit all the patterns you’ve bought challenge? … a friend has the Knitting for All book – isn’t it gorgeous?!

  • I have never used the Queue function on Ravelry before either, I mostly just add stuff to my library and then forget about it for ages. I think I have at least a couple of hundred patterns in there! You’ve inspired me to get my account all organised 🙂

  • It is interesting because people use the queue and favorites very differently. I need to revisit mine and tidy it. I’ve wanted to make sure my stash and library were up to date as well. What I most love about your post today is the photography of your stash. The beautiful photos continue to impress me.

  • I think once we move across the Bay, I’m going to spend some time going through my books and yarn (though I started both long before we moved across the country). The books will be the easy part. My bins of yarn, on the other hand…well, that’s going to be a bit scary. Oops.

  • I only use the pattern search and queue functions. Sometimes I take a picture of my finished projects, but not always. There is only so much time I can spend on the computer….it eats into knitting time.

  • I’m pretty good at keeping my stash up to date….and I have that ball of Zauberball Olive, too…is that what you will use for your socks? I have it set aside for socks…

    My library is a mess, so I do have to update that…my queue is updated…one of our in-between times challenges in Nerd Wars was to clean up our stash, queue and project pages….

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