FO: Octopus

FO: Octopus

The Octopus is off the needles! The head and mantle have been knit, his eyes attached, pipecleaners added to his now poseable legs, and the whole lot lightly stuffed with polyfill, and suddenly he is alive.

His legs are very flexible, but by doubling the thin pipe-cleaners along their length they are quite sturdy and will support his weight if he wishes to hang from a cupboard door handle, or something similar.

The finished item is made up of smaller pieces which are mostly joined up as you go. Firstly, the eight legs are knit and then stitches are picked up from the tops and underneath of the legs to knit the underside and lower body of the octopus. The head and mantle are then knit in one piece before being bound off and ‘fake grafted’ to the lower body.

I knit this octopus in Jaeger Roma yarn, now discontinued. It is a blend of 63% Rayon, 22% Nylon and 15% angora. The Rayon gives the yarn a wonderful sheen, perfect for this deep sea dweller, whilst the angora makes him wonderfully soft and quite luxurious to handle. He’s knit at a tight gauge, so he holds his shape perfectly and his safety eyes make him wonderfully cute.

The pattern was so wonderfully written that I will almost certainly knit another one of its creature patterns again in the near future.

Pattern: Octopus by Hansi Singh
Yarn: Jaegar Roma in Cane (050) and Leaf (010)

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