WIP: A Perfectly Awesome Hat

WIP: A Perfectly Awesome Hat

I was searching for the perfect hat for Mr Awesome. One with a deep, folded brim and a stretchy, comfortable rib pattern in a warm but smooth and comfortable yarn that he would enjoy wearing every day, to keep him warm around his ears but also not be at all irritating.

There were a few hats that kind of fitted what I wanted, one of which I had made before – the Jacques Cousteau hat by Lalla Pohjanpalo, but all of them had elements about them that I didn’t care for. Either a brim that didn’t have a defined point at which to tun back on and so had a tendency to roll at the fold, or decreases that looked unattractive or ended in too sharp a point, so I have set about knitting one that remedies all of those little elements that I did not like.

The yarn is the absolutely gorgeous Sublime Extra Fine Merino DK in a mid grey/brown shade. It’s so smooth and springy that it is not only a joy to kit with but also gives a gorgeous finish and it ultra-comfortable to wear, so I have high hopes that tis hat will hit all the right notes for one that is simple, understated and practical, yet a joy to wear every day a hat is required to keep a gorgeous head warm.

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