WIP: Knitted Handbag Lining

WIP: Knitted Handbag Lining

I’ve never pretended to be very proficient with a sewing machine. I have never been shown how to use one or read any books, manuals or any other kind of instructional document either about sewing machines themselves or garment construction, so I only have common sense to go on, and therefore have probably done many things other than the ‘proper’ and accepted way here, so if you spot any ‘mistakes’ in my bag lining that might be why.

Still, the lining of the bag appears to have all of the seams on the inside and has a functional working pocket for my mobile phone, to keep it safe and accessible.

Making and attaching the lining was a bit of a mystery to me. I had never done any such thing before, and the instructions given in the pattern for the Märta Embroidered Bag comprised of little more than ‘draw a template from the bag you have knitted and sort of attach it in, somehow’, or so it appeared to me.

Still, I appear to have ended up with a functional, working lining, with a little pocket and all firmly sewn in place, so I must have guessed at something along the right lines, and this little bag is all but ready for a final ‘reveal’ tomorrow.

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