WIP: Embroidery On Knitted Fabric

WIP: Embroidery On Knitted Fabric

Why it should have at all come as a surprise to me that a pattern called the Märta Embroidered Bag might involve a good deal of embroidery is now a mystery to me, lost in the rosy glow of time gone by.

Usually I really enjoy the finishing stretch of a project – the blocking, the piecing together and the adding of closures and other embellishments, but then perhaps I have never had a project with quite so much finishing required before now.

I had completely forgotten, for example, the extent of duplicate stitching needed to add the single stitches of highlight colour in the diamonds sections, and as I have never used duplicate stitch before, this is quite a revelation. it’s certainly effective, though I do prefer the smooth simplicity of the stitches as knit, but I can see here this will be perfect for any tricky or sparse areas, such as these single stitches.

But this is just the beginning of the embroidery, as the bag also features cross stitches, six point star stitches and some beautiful little French knots.

Over 300 French knots actually. I can’t stand French knots now.

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