WIP: Blocking The Colourwork Bag

WIP: Blocking The Colourwork Bag

It’s been quite a while since I completed the knitting for my colourwork bag as I have been waiting to buy some lining fabric and handles. I’ve been searching for them for quite some time, but none of the craft or knitting/sewing shops that I have visited have had any suitable bag handles, and I am rubbish at choosing fabrics. I’ve spent far too long looking blankly at bolts of fabric wondering what on earth I wanted. But I’ve trawled eBay and a suitable pair of handles and a yard of fabric are on their way. Whilst waiting I thought it was time to block the bag.

I used blocking wires along the top and bottom edges to try and help ensure that the upper edge and base of the bag are kept as straight and sharp as could be.

The yellow stitches at the bottom edge of the bag are provisional cast-on stitches knit in a contrast colour to be removed when closing the bottom of the bag. I shan’t do this for a while in order to leave the bottom edge free for when I embroider the details on. I was nervous about removing the blocking wires in case the knitting rolled uncontrollably, which would make the embroidery very difficult to manage, but it has remained completely flat.

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