The Old And The New

The Old And The New

I have re-started the task of trying to rescue some of my old content. It’s a slow process, and I am not sure how much remains in web archives, but my old blog, Eskimimi Knits, was a refuge for me, and the words and joy I took in having a little place in the world, online, to share the things that made me happy, meant a great deal.

My blog is now purely for celebration, but I’d love to have kept all of my old content, and the loss of my blog certainly was a particularly sad thing for me, especially as I had comments from friends, some now sadly no longer alive, that gave me such joy and comfort on many of the posts on there. Though I cannot move the comments across (due to them only being archived on Wayback Machine rather than in a database), I can at least copy the posts that were captures, and paste them one by one back into the new blog.

Though it will take quite some time, it is something I’d like to pursue. My only nervousness is that I do not want to annoy any readers with this ‘old’ content. Though I think there is value in the old posts and I am enjoying reading them again myself, I can’t just assume that everyone will feel the same. One thing that I am uncertain about is whether they appear on RSS feed readers and blog aggregators. Both the services Mr Awesome and I use seem to be ignoring thee old posts as I upload them, so they are not showing in our timelines, but I am not sure if all services work the same way.

My intention was just to upload a few every now and again, but I was wondering if it would be better if I just saved then all as drafts and published them in one big block, if it did turn out that they were appearing on people’s feed readers and people didn’t want to read them?

Any thoughts on this from the folks that do stop by and read this blog would be greatly appreciated.

21 thoughts on “The Old And The New”

  • Hi Eskimimi! Your blog is new to me and I am sure I will enjoy your old posts as much as the new ones. I am using Google Reader and the old posts don’t show in the feed, but I will be going back through the archives to see what’s there. Thank you for taking the time to recover your old content!

  • i for one appreciate old posts especially those containing tutorials. suppose you post one old post per week, the same day each week? or if you do a block of posts, maybe post them during busy times when you know you can’t post regularly or when you go on holiday?

  • It seems that if you put everything under the correct date (the date it was originally published), it won’t show up as “new” in the blog reader. Well, it doesn’t on mine anyway…

  • I’d love to read your old posts. FYI, so far I have not seen any of them showing on Google Reader, so I shall be looking at your archives, I think!

  • I would be happy to see any posts from you, old or otherwise! In any order you like, good luck in your efforts to restore everything!
    (Terdotty on rav) x

  • I agree with the rest that it is lovely to re-read your old posts. I don’t mind that at all. However, if you don’t want them all to blast out in the RSS feed, I wonder if there is an option in Blogger to withhold them from the feed. I know this exists in WordPress, but I’m not as familiar with Blogger. Whatever you decide, I’m so happy to see your blog back in business. You were missed.

  • All posts are great posts!! Bring on the old content! I’ve been reading for a while and I would love to see the older writings that you’re able to rescue.

  • I loved your old blog and I love your new blog. I would love to see your old posts again. It will be inspiring all over again. 🙂

    LochKnitsMonster on Rav

  • I think you should repost. Some bloggers put a header like Rerun or recap or something, or say at the top of the post This was originally published on x date. I think that will strike a balance so those who don’t want to see the old content again will be forewarned :).

  • I loved your old blog and am so happy to have found your writing again. Please do post the old content and take the joy you can from it. It is YOUR journey and we’re all just along for the ride. I’d love to see it again!

  • Oh, Eskimimi, I loved your old old blog and was quite sad when you disappeared, then overjoyed to see you back again. I was sad for your loss of your site and all the hard work you put into it. I am always happy to see posts from you, whether it’s new content, or something from the archives popping up. The redeux posts do show in my Google reader, and I’m GLAD! I look foward to seeing more way-back posts.

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