Revisited Knits

Revisited Knits

I only have one pair of mittens, so they get almost constant use during the autumn and winter and are invaluable when the big freeze has settled in as it has now in the UK.

I designed and knit these Flutter Butterfly Mittens in August 2010, when I posted about them on my old blog, a post that has now been reinstated to the archives on this site. Since first making these gloves they have held up pretty well. The yarn is still strong with no signs of thinning areas, and the only signs of wear are the slight halo that the yarn has acquired on the palms.
The mittens even held up well after the relative battering they were given this weekend with the building of a snowman, where they were used to provide some protection from the cold whilst eager hands were rolling and shaping giant balls of snow. After such a heavy duty test the now soaking wet mittens need a bit of TLC so I am going to give them a wash and re-block them using the mitten blockers that I posted about yesterday.
As well as prompting me to write a tutorial for the mitten blockers, re-visiting this much loved older knit also brings me back to something I posted about the other week – accessing my old post archives from my now deleted blog.
Thank you so much for everyone who kindly gave their thoughts and suggestions as to how best to go about this. In answer to some of the most often put questions and ideas: I cannot find any way of specifying that RSS feeds should ignore certain posts, but in every blog reader and RSS feed manager I have seen, the older posts do not seem to be appearing. I had a think about the suggestions to upload one post a week as a ‘post from the archive’ but at the rate that I posted this would take about 5 years to complete, and I really want to get the content moved across in case anything else ever happened to take it away again.
Luckily (and kindly, from my readers) most people said that they would not mind at all to see the older content in their blog readers. As it happens I do not think this will likely happen due to the way blog readers handle posts dated long in the past, but I have now uploaded some 80+ posts that once belonged on Eskimimi Knits and shall hope to keep adding to this when I find that I have moments of spare time. For anybody interested, these posts can be accessed in the ‘Archive’ in the menu on the right sidebar.
Many thanks again for your kind words of support and encouragement.

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