Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2013!

Thank you to all readers that have stopped by, skimmed through or subscribed to this little website in 2012, and to anyone who might do the same in this brand new year.

Last year was an important one for this blog. I guess that is sort of obvious, as it only started mid way through last year, but as many people will know it started on the back of a journey I had loved and lost with my old blog, Eskimimi Knits.

I lost all of the hard work and effort that I put into that site when my life took a massive change, so it took a lot of convincing myself that it would be worth the effort to begin again, but once it got going I have loved every moment.

Since this site started in May, these are the posts that most people have taken a look at:

  1. Fork Bows – How To Tie A Bow Using A Fork. 245,091 people and counting have looked at this page over the past few months. An amazing quarter of a million people now know how to tie a perfect miniature bow using a fork. Tie more bows! Use more forks!
  2. Fork Pom Poms – How To Make A Pom Pom Using A Fork. Proving that craft and cutlery go hand in hand, a whopping 40,030 people have visited this page to see how to make little fluffy balls of joy once they are bored with making bows.
  3. FO And Tutorial – Polymer Clay Shawl Pin. Because shawls are lovely and shawl pins make them even lovelier. Free or handmade shawl pins are lovelier still. No forks were harmed in the making of this tutorial, read by 30,261 people.
  4. New Pattern and FO: Christmas Stocking. 14,834 Readers got in the festive mood early when I wrote about my first magazine-published knitting pattern.
  5. New Knitter’s Gift Tags Of Appreciation. It is wonderful to give the gift of knitting. It’s also wonderful to feel the full force of appreciation for your hard work though, and 13,711 people had a good enough sense of humour to have a smile at these tongue-in-cheek gift tag for good friends. For those few people that complained about them on Ravelry – they are meant in fun. A little sense of humour can go a long way.

I am not going to post loads of pictures of all of the things I have made over the past 12 months, but here are a few of the things I have knitted:

I hope that everyone had a good year last year, but I hope that for everyone, 2013 is better.

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year”

  • Happy New Year! I am one of many who discovered you by way of the pompom tutorial. I love your work and your photography. Thanks for sharing your talents.

  • I’d say one of your posts that was educational and helpful for me was your photography tutorial. I blogged about when your photography crossed my mind and had me digging around your blog for it. I’ve been practicing your method since :0). So mahalo nui loa for that and a hau oli makahiki hou to you.

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