FO: Violet Socks

FO: Violet Socks

I am really pleased to have finished the pair of socks that I was knitting in some gorgeous Regia merino Extra Twist yarn in a deep, rich purple colour. I’m almost bubbling over to show and tell the new design, but as it is for a magazine commission, I can’t yet reveal them in their full glory. Currently, Gandalf is guarding over them yelling ‘you shall not pass!’ at anyone who tries to get a sneaky peek.

All I can say for now is that I absolutely adore everything about this finished knit. It is one of my favourite patterns to date, and everything from the design to the yarn to the colour worked out just wonderfully. If you can see just beyond Gandalf’s excellent obscuring skills you might be able to glimpse a reminder of just how gorgeous colour of the yarn is.

I look forward to the final reveal in a few months.

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