FO: Christmas 2012 Knitted Bauble

FO: Christmas 2012 Knitted Bauble

On Saturday it came the time to take down the Christmas decorations and strip the tree of all of its garlands and festive glitter. As we were doing so we took extra care in packing away the handmade decorations that were added to our Christmas decor this year.

As well as the Christmas Star of geekery there were a few other handmade and very personal item on the tree. I knit the bauble above around a polystyrene ball form, which gave it a perfectly spherical shape and made it extremely light and durable. It has a simple repeated motif on the reverse, but across the front it reads R&M, Mr Awesome’s and my own initials.

As well as the large knitted bauble, we had a tiny little knitted bauble, a cotton tassel and the most beautiful snowflake, all in our winter decorating colours, to match perfectly with what we had hung on our tree, made by two wonderful and amazing Ravellers.

The snowflake is particularly amazing to me, because it looks so delicate yet is quite sturdy. The yarn has been stiffened to give a rigid, flat finish whilst blocking. I am not sure what method has been used here (though I have heard that PVA glue, a sugar solution and starching are all tried and tested methods for this kind of work) but it just looks wonderful and had pride of place on our tree this year.

The decorations have all been packed away for next year, but I know they will bring such joy when it comes to unpack them when winter comes back around.

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  • I love the personal touch your tree had. My mom used to use liquid starch to harden up things like this. The great thing was that they could then be washed out and done again if necessary.

  • Hey, I recognise those! 🙂 For the stiffener, I used this recipe:

    Combine 1 cup of sugar with 1 cup of water in a heavy saucepan. Bring to a rapid boil. Remove the solution from the heat and allow it to cool just enough so that you can handle it safely. Dip the item in the stiffener. Squeeze out the excess liquid gently without twisting or wringing. Shape your piece as per the pattern instructions or like you always do. Air dry the piece completely.

    You have to clean the pin and the pinning surface afterwards though, STICKY.

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