Fabric And Handles

Fabric And Handles

The handles and length of fabric which I bought to finish off the Märta Embroidered Bag have arrived! I bought the fabric on a bit of a whim, really, after having searched for months to find something, I think frustration took over and I just chose something. It’s a cute little print, though, and I think it will work for the lining. It’s not as classic as the outside of the bag will hopefully remain for some time, but it’s cute enough for the ‘private’ inside of the bag, which I’ll catch glimpses of whilst I look for my phone or lost keys.

I’m not overjoyed with the handles. They are an absolutely perfect shape and exactly what I was looking for in that respect, but they are plastic, whereas I would really have loved to find actual wooden handles to grace such a beautiful project. Hopefully the handles will not look out of place when the bag is finally finished, though I can always change them in the future if I find something perfect.

4 thoughts on “Fabric And Handles”

  • I love that fabric! It’s cheerful and perfect for the inside of the bag.

    Did you check etsy for handles? I’ll bet there’s someone there who sells them (and most likely makes them too).

    Can’t wait to see the finished bag!

  • Hi! I had a similar problem picking out my handles. I was severely limited on options and ended up with plastic too. Yours have a nice wood look to them, if that is reassuring at all.

  • Really thought they were wood from the picture! But the good news is, as you said, you can change them out if you find something more appropriate. I think your FO will look darn cute, either way!

  • Found some very nice wooden handles in a similar
    shape at Overstock.com. It was sometime before
    the holidays and they were not too expensive.

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