Do You Block Socks?

Do You Block Socks?

I block socks as a matter of practice. Firstly, I think it is a good idea not to lave them wet and crumpled to dry slowly, but would rather get the air circulated around the shaped fabric to dry quickly and efficiently. Also, they pack neatly into the sock drawer a lot easier.

But though I have made Mr Awesome two pairs of custom fit sock blockers, if he takes the laundry from the machine he never blocks his socks. One of his pairs of hand-knit socks ended up being split across two wash loads last week. I dealt with one, whilst Mr Awesome saw to the other load. Have a guess at which one I washed and dried.

But one thing that has often been asked is if blocked socks are more comfortable? Mr Awesome’s verdict was that he couldn’t really tell the difference and that they were both equally comfortable and equally easy to put on.

I’ll still block them, though. They look prettier.

9 thoughts on “Do You Block Socks?”

  • I don’t block socks, but I hand-wash mine and dry them over a couple of slats in my airing cupboard, smoothing them out as I hang them to dry. To photograph them I usually give them a bit of a steam with my iron.

  • I am knitting my first pair of socks now, and I’m not sure if I will block them …. but I am about to go back through your blogs and find your post on making sock blockers! 😉

    P.S. – I like the pattern you have for Mr. Awesome’s socks!

  • Thanks for the great comparison photo. I especially appreciate the comment that unblocked socks wear just as well but I’m with you, aesthetically blocked socks looks really super.

  • I block socks when I’ve first made them. I only have one pair of blockers, though, and we have dozens of hand-knit socks in the house (we don’t wear any shop-bought ones) so there’s no way I could block them every time!

  • I wouldn’t have the energy to block socks every time, plus like Rhian I’m usually washing numerous pairs at once. They just get smoothed out to dry on the radiator and while they might not look quite so neat they are still good to wear and a row of brightly coloured drying socks is always cheering.

  • I tend to wear my entire hand knit sock collection and then wash the whole group at once (unless they’re machine washable, in which case they get done whenever I’m doing laundry). I hang them up on a rod in my laundry room to dry but I do shape them first so they dry looking like socks and not just piles of yarn. I have a set of blockers but I never use them.

  • I hand wash all knitted socks. All that work needs to be blocked as well. I was happy to find cute sock blockers at Stitches West last year. I was hunting for them like heat-seeking missiles.

  • I always block socks after I’ve finished making them, but never thought of doing so after washing. It’s a good idea and not time consuming, but I’d need lots of sock blockers. An new collection, maybe?

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