The Year Of The Zauberball

The Year Of The Zauberball

Anyone who has read this blog for any short amount of time can’t have failed to have noticed that I very much have a favourite yarn, and that yarn is the wonderful Zauberball, in all its various guises.

So I was so very happy to find on the morning of my birthday, a few short days before Christmas, that Mr Awesome had heeded my oft repeated advice that I imparted to him every time he said he struggled to buy gifts – any Zauberball would make me happy. I’m so fond of Zauberballs that every single colour way seems perfect to me, so I know that it is one of those things that will never be a yarn gift that will end up unloved or forgotten, and I am so happy that Mr Awesome felt confident in choosing one for my birthday.

The shade that he picked was called Der Lenz ist da!, which I think translates to something like ‘Spring is here!’ It’s a collection of bright fresh spring greens and blues, with deeper blue and green sections every so often. It is a Crazy Zauberball, which means it is 2-ply in construction, so adding a bit more strength and resilience than that single ply Zauberball yarns. I have bought and used crazy Zauberballs in a few previous projects, and absolutely adore knitting with them, and used one as the inspiration for my Simple City Scarf/Shawlette pattern, which was designed specifically to make best use of the long stretches of colour that Zauberballs are best known for.

I think it is safe to say that Mr Awesome was made immediately aware that I was bowled over by his choice of gift (one of a few that also included my favourite perfume and a kit for making home brew beer – which caused a workmate to remark that they were the most disparate set of presents he had every heard of).

Sailing on that sea of success, Mr awesome entered the arena of the Christmas gift-giving challenge with a lot to live up to (he didn’t, really, I was just happy to be spending our Christmas alone together for the first time) but can you imagine the joy that hit me when after a beautiful pair of earrings, a 3DS game and many other little treats I found this under the tree?

This is another Crazy Zauberball in the shade Frische Fische (which I guess means Fresh Fish), one of my absolute favourite colourways of Zauberball, if it is possible to have favourites.

And, as if that wasn’t already just too many riches, a little later one of the parcels under the tree turned out to be this:

Another Crazy Zauberball! This shade is called Auf Tauchstation. Since even having a guess as what this might mean in English I have referred to the wonders of Google Translate tells me that it means ‘Dive Down’, a very appropriate name for this colourway full of jewel-like sea blues and greens.

Every one of my knitterly Christmas presents was absolutely perfect, and make knitting and the thought of knitting an absolute joy. With that in mind I was so glad when a ball of yarn for one of my magazine commissions arrived at my address. By now it was starting to feel like it had come home to visit its family, and it has arrived as very much the big brother of the brood.

This Zauberball may look the same as the others from the picture, but it is actually 50% bigger. This is Schopell Wolle’s Stärke 6 yarn, in the Olive shade. It is a 6-ply equivalent weight Zauberball, which comes in a 150g skein. Like the Crazy Zauberball it actually is made of 2 plys of yarn, each of which independently flow from one colour to another in long, slow progressions of colour. I’m hoping to design a warm, snuggly pair of socks witht this special yarn, and can’t wait to give this thicker, warmer version a try!

So, though we had no sight of snowballs this Christmas, I’d much rather keep warm with my knitting and these wonderful Zauberballs full of bright, festive cheer.

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