New pattern and FO: Hawkshead Socks

New pattern and FO: Hawkshead Socks

These Hawkshead Socks were designed and knit for Mr Awesome, but as they are so awesome are now available to buy as a pattern from my Ravelry Store. They are available in men’s sizes S-L (and Mr Awesome is a size UK12, so they really are quite accommodating for large man feet) and women’s size S-L. Here are a pair on my more normal (UK5) feet:

My main aim in creating these socks was to find a stitch that was understated and perfect for everyday wear, would work well as a more masculine design for any gift knits for men or male knitters whilst remaining attractive to women, and also had some interest in both the finished knit and whilst knitting – because who wants to be bored whilst knitting?

I also wanted a stitch that wouldn’t require looking back at charts or instructions as it was easily remembered and also was as elastic and comfortable as possible, and so these socks seemed to achieve each of those wishes perfectly.

I used the alternating cast on for these socks, which has provided a wonderfully elastic edge to the ribbing, so they re easy-on and off without slipping down the leg. And what a fine pair of man-model legs Mr Awesome has so kindly lent to the photo shoot. Not once did he question why should he be laying down on the floor with his feet up against a piece of white card at that awkward angle, and it was his idea to get the shots of the well-fitting heels.

These socks can be knit with a single 100g (400m) skein of 4ply sock yarn (even for the very large feet of an awesome man) and instructions are included to accommodate any foot length. The pair above were knit using a skein of Wendy Roam in the shade ‘Hawkshead’ which is a wonderful combination of hazelnut brown blended with teal fibres. Due to the textured nature of the pattern the teal fibres seem to show slightly more on the knit stitches, so the texture really makes the best of the almost two-tone nature of the yarn.

I really like everything about this pattern, and think it lends itself perfectly for gift knits for a loved one that can be worn often, rather than tucked away to be forgotten about, or for a comfortable pair of socks for yourself. If you decide to make a pair as a Christmas gift, don’t forget to add a free knitter’s gift tag to tell the recipient how best to take care of their hand knit.

Hawkshead Socks are available on Ravelry now, for $4, or click the button below:

Pattern: Hawkshead by Mimi Hill
Yarn: Wendy Roam in the shade ‘Hawkshead’

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