FO: 8-Bit Christmas Star Of Invincibility

FO: 8-Bit Christmas Star Of Invincibility

Things on the blog have been a little quiet these last few days, but to be fair I have a good reason. Actually, a whole loads of good reasons. Firstly, I was ill. Ill, and off work, and miserable. Then, I was on holiday, but not the lazing around and relaxing with my knitting kind of holiday, more the rushing around the country visiting our nearest and dearest kind of holiday. After a week back to work I then had a bit of a backlog of posts to write, to catch up on the projects that I had completed over this time, so I sat down and wrote 95% of a post last night, went off to eat tea and when I returned to tidy up the post and add the pictures my laptop had stopped working. Not just frozen up or run out of battery either, just completely dead.

So, that’s just perfect.

I did not cry, but I did eat ice-cream.

So, as you can imagine, I am suitable narked that my laptop complicator has given up the ghost, especially at this time of year. Luckily I had already uploaded the photos for one FO to Flickr, though it is not one of mine but rather a little something by Mr Awesome.

This star is a 8-bit representation of the Invincibility star from the early Super-Mario game. To keep the blocky, pixelated look each pixel is made up of not one but a square block of four pixels. The star has been made in shades of blue and turquoise to match our Icy winter decorating theme that our whole tree is decked out in.

The star was made from just three shades of Hama beads and took less than an hour to be made, fused together and put atop the tree in our living room. The twinkling lights shine through the beads slightly to illuminate the star when it is dark.

I love handmade decorations of any kind, and though we started out with only a bog standard selection of multipack baubles last year when we had to start all of our decorating (both for Christmas and our new home) from scratch) but now that we are settled we will slowly add these more personal touches to the tree, and hopefully in a few years’ time will have an even more awesome Christmas tree each year.

5 thoughts on “FO: 8-Bit Christmas Star Of Invincibility”

  • So sorry for your tech woes, but YAY! for the cool star!

    I love our collection of ornaments. It has grown slowly, just as you’re planning for your collection. And when my kidlets grow up and move away, they will take their own personal ornaments with them so they can start decorating their own Christmas trees. Not sure what Mr.A. and I will do with ourselves then as I’m sure the tree will be pretty bare…maybe we’ll get a smaller tree. My point, though, is to say that each year we hang our ornaments, we remember and share memories that are tied to the different ornaments and I’m so glad for our slowly-grown collection.

    Enjoy your star 🙂 its an awesome start to your collection!

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